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Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens

France – why you should visit it

Everyone in the world loves to spend time with friends and families in new countries and explore several new places. Travelling is a great fun and enjoyment for everyone. Choosing the right place to travel is somewhat confusing or difficult for people. They have to research online when they are planning for a family or colleagues trip to somewhere around the country or any other country. France is one of the popular countries chosen by many people to spend the holidays there. There are several reasons why they prefer this country than other attractive tourist spots in the world. A history of French Kings and Queens is one among the valuable reasons to choose this country as travel destination. Travellers love to visit this country to explore places that were the kingdoms of former rules of France.

Culture and history of France

  • There are many people who have ruled the French kingdoms. Some of the most popular rulers of this country are Louis I, Napoleon I and Louis Philippe.
  • Living among French people is a traumatic experience for foreigners as they will be shocked by the attitudes of these people. People of this country are even more status and class conscious than people of Britain. But the attractive tourist places and culture of this country make it the best travel destination spot.
  • France is one among the cultured countries and they are known for their avid appetite for art, literature, music, philosophy and gastronomy. Paris houses some world’s greatest monuments, architectural treasures and greatest museums.
  • France is competitive on the world economy, notably in business, foreign affairs, sport and culture. It remains one among the influential countries in the world.
  • While battling with bureaucracy of France is enough for discouraging anybody, French people are not welcoming. This is not entirely true as they try to be friendly with new people. People who are planning to live in this country should share their life, culture, traditions and language with the nearby French people. Even though it is tough to learn the French, you can make friends when you learn it.

King’s gallery in France

King’s gallery is a row of statuettes of 28 rulers of Judah and Israel as well. These rulers were called by the name the Viollet-le-Duc to restore the statues that were smashed during the period of French revolution. There are some statues regained by the French government and are conserved in a place called the museum of the middle ages. People with an intention to know the history of French Kings and Queens often fly to this country. France is the best travelling spot in the European region demonstrating the richness of arts. If you get access to the museum, you will love to explore the creativity of French artists. The art crafts of the popular painters also include the pictures of popular kings and queens who have ruled this kingdom. This will be the best travel destination for people especially historians who choose history as their major in degree.

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